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Two charming apartments, one lovely B&B!


Foresteria degli Artisti
Via degli Artisti, 15 – Torino
Please ring “COSS NOIRE”

Cell ph. +39 333. 8207827
Ph. +39 011. 0190229

Foresteria degli Artisti “Il Due”
Via della Rocca, 2 (Piazza Vittorio) – Torino
Please ring “ROCCAVILLA”

Cell ph. +39 333 8207827
Ph. +39 011 5537038

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Welcome to the Foresteria!

It is the love for our city, for the endless surprises and the beauty that it has to offer every day that has led us to open the doors of our homes to travelers.

We would like everybody to discover Turin with its elegant squares, its Royal Residences, its parks against the backdrop of the Alps, its magical lights, its constant innovation – and we would like you to experience Turin “from the inside”.

Welcome to our home, welcome to our family!